If you’re like us, and have completely procrastinated with sourcing holiday gifts this season, then this post might just be of some use to you. This past year was full of so many experiences for us. We travelled to ten countries, visiting just over forty cities. Even after a year like we’ve had, we still can’t call ourselves travel pros. Every journey we’ve set out on shows us how much we still have to learn, and with each lesson learned, our gratitude increases tenfold!

Being travel loving foodies ourselves, we hope some of these listings will make traveling more enjoyable, even it’s a trip down the wonderful road of imagination! Since most of our readers are either UK or US based, we’ve tried to list purchasing links for both respective countries where applicable. In any instance that you see an Amazon listing, you are welcome to purchase elsewhere, but going through that particular link helps to support HDYTI operations, as we are proud affiliates of Amazon. This guide is by no means exhaustive. It is a snapshot of things we highly recommend, or things we even have on our very own wish lists.  Enjoy, and happy (albeit, last minute) shopping!


Travel Loving Foodies Gifts | HDYTI


#1 Serendip: My Sri Lankan Journey – $7.21 (kindle)

We became completely enraptured by the rich history and culture of Sri Lanka this year. We found this gem of a cookbook featured on Style in Sri Lanka. We promptly found it on Amazon, and downloaded it to our ipads. The recipes are easy to follow, unique, and delicious! Get ready for a flavor explosion in your mouth.  There is also a hard copy version that showcases more delicious photos, but we always use our ipads for quick recipe references, so the kindle version was cheap and perfect for us!


#2 Travel Poncho for her- £20.30 (Monsoon)

We can’t yell loud enough from the mountaintops about the versatility of ponchos. They’re perfect for those chilly airplane rides, layering up, turning a casual day outfit to a stylish night out with a chunky necklace, etc. We love the look, and gents…don’t fret, we have listed a good male alternative version HERE!


#3 Roll up Spice Travel Kit – $25 (Etsy)

We spent almost 80% of our travels staying in Airbnbs this year. We love the convenience of having a kitchen, as we typically would make breakfasts before our day started, which was a great way to save money. However, we always had the issue of trying to figure out which spices to buy when we went out to the grocery store. We definitely didn’t want to lug our London based, internationally inspired, spice cabinet with us, but we had to find a way to bring a bit of “home” on our journeys in a practical and convenient way. We typically add chilli flakes, paprika and garlic salt to our omelettes in the mornings. Who wants to carry all that on the plane, or even have to go looking to buy it when you land? So, when we came across this nifty kit, we thought it was a genius idea, plus it’s refillable with whichever spices you want to pour in! Perfect for the traveller who loves cooking a few of their own meals on the road!


#4 WineSkin Bottle Transport Bag (8 pack) – $18.99 (Amazon)

If you love wine, then these wine packaging companions are a must. After a nasty spill several years ago, we no longer leave our liquids up to chance in our luggage. We often come back with 3 bottles or so on our trips (ahhh..Bordeaux!), especially since a bottle of wine makes for a fantastic gift. The bags secure the bottle with a ziploc seal inside, and then the outer layer is secured at the base with velcro. We love our bags and they always travel with us! The UK version can be found HERE!


#5 Miso Tasty Hamper – £25 (Miso Tasty)

A few weeks ago we visited the Christmas Foodies Festival in Shoreditch, and we discovered Miso Tasty! It’s the travel version of the classic Japanese soup, full of protein, and yumminess. It can be dressed up with any veggies or meats of choice, or just have it as we normally have it, plain, out the box, in a canister on the go (in place of tea). Simply put the paste into a mug, and pour hot (not boiling) water over it, and then add the small flavouring pack. It’s way better than Ramen, trust us! It truly is a great travel snack, and quite filling as well. We will be taking some on our upcoming trip to Morocco. We hope you love it as much as we do!


#6 Try the World Global food box subscription – $39 (US only)

We actually haven’t tried out these boxes because it’s a US/Canadian based company only. We also haven’t found a comparable UK based alternative yet (If you know of one, please share in the comments). However, we loved the sound of these delightful boxes. Every two months, subscribers receive a box focused on a particular country, with delicacies (savoury & sweet) popular to various regions of the said country. We think boxes like these are great because it provides access to foods you might never have the opportunity of trying, unless you visited the country. *Update: Get a free Spain box with any holiday subscription!


#7 Yojo’s Nigerian Gourmet Chin-Chin – £1.20 (UK only)

If you’ve never tried chin-chin, you are seriously missing out! Mr. HDYTI grew up with this delightful snack in Nigeria, and was excited to come across it at a London foodie event recently. This contemporary version is lighter in texture, and the owners are even developing a gluten free and dairy free version of the delicious treat! They’re easy to travel with, perfect for stocking stuffers, and come in a wide range of flavours for both adults and children to enjoy! Let’s just say, out of the six bags we purchased, their might be one left…


#8 Macaron Making Kit – $24 (Amazon)

We’ve traveled to the land of Macarons (France), at least three times this year. On each occasion we’ve discovered macarons more delicious looking than the last. It is a traffic stopping display that will always get your taste buds roaring, whether in Paris, Bordeaux, or Wideham. Although we have not tried making our own yet, we put this DIY kit on our wishlist, because we love trying new things at home. If you do try it out, we’d love to see your delicious treats! The UK version can be found HERE!


#9 Port & Stilton hamper – £34.90 (UK only)

Looking for something a little more gourmet? Try this hamper featuring Sandeman port, and Stilton cheese. We discovered Sandeman Port on a journey to Douro Valley (south of Porto). We tried a wide range of Ports, and the Imperial Reserve version (featured in the hamper) to be a great introduction to the world of Ports. Plus, Sandeman is one of the leading brands worldwide; a true pioneer of Port production, starting from 1790. If you’ve never tried Port before, and you like other sipping liqueurs, then Port is a great option to try, or gift!


#10 Sony a6000 Mirrorless camera with 16-50mm lens – $579 (Amazon UK & US)

This one might blow the budget, but the investment is well worth it. Mrs. HDYTI has been using Sony DSLRs for seven years, and she loves them. However, with our increasingly busy travel itinerary, we try to keep things as light as possible, so this is on our wishlist. It’s a great little camera for the price, and the photo quality is really good (in low light too)! Most importantly, it’s small, compact, and comes with loads of great extras (in the bundle) that you wouldn’t get from buying it directly through Sony. Hey, it may be the highest priced item on our guide, but it sure beats phone camera pics!

We hope this list helps generate a few ideas for your travel loving, foodie friends and relatives! We, here at HDYTI, wish you incredible holidays! Be safe, merry, and and as always enjoy your yummies!


Do you have suggestions you think we should add to our wishlist? Please do let us know below in the comments!



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