Numerous studies have established that more of us are relying on social media when planning holidays and trips. The key objective of this post is to provide an information hub for travellers intending to visit Zanzibar, Africa’s Spice Island.

Having pertinent information in our grasp during our research and planning as well as during our trip always helps to demystify the process of visiting a new destination. Therefore, following the success of our Morocco Influencers post, we’ve decided to do something similar for Zanzibar.

Main lobby at Zanzibar Serena Hotel, Shangani Street, Kelele Square


Zanzibar Diaries

We’ve written about Zanzibar’s Stone Town and its rich architectural heritage and enthused about how one luxury hotel brand has invested in preserving a piece of its history. We’ve taken you from the glorious sunsets on her west coast (Zanzi Resort) to the surreal sunrises on her east coast.

We’ve introduced you to some inspirational women we met on our journey: Aiysha is challenging cultural stereotypes, Gladness made connections between tourism and the local community and Carol, an over 60s explorer, puts life in perspective by exploring her world with only an 8KG backpack. We’ve also shared some great food and drink recipes inspired by Zanzibar. To round off our Zanzibar Diaries series, we would like to introduce you to some influencers.


The Zanzibar Influencers

The role of an influencer is to inform, entertain, educate, inspire and empower others. During our trip and while writing our stories, we came across a number of individuals and brands who fit this description. We have compiled them into this list of ‘10 “Must Follow” Zanzibar Influencers on Social Media’. Between them, you should have enough information to spark your wanderlust and inspire you to embark on what could be the trip of a life time to one of Africa’s most vibrant countries.

We’ve categorised them into the following five groups which depict our view of the different stages of travel:

  • DREAM – people who inspired us through imagery: Nasrin Suleiman (photos), Mathias Arvedsen (drone films) and Haifa Beseisso (videos).
  • PLAN – resources that helped us plan our visit: Safari Junkie and Bradt Travel Guides.
  • VISIT – information about local guides within Zanzibar / Tanzania and tour guide networks.
  • VOLUNTEER – information on volunteering opportunities in Zanzibar (African Impact).
  • INVEST – information on investment opportunities in Zanzibar (Fumba Town Development).

The HDYTI Travel Cycle Framework ©dipyourtoesin

IMPORTANT NOTE: No doubt that there are many other people and organisations that do what these influencers do. However, we’ve selected this list based on our personal interaction with them and more significantly, on their high engagement rate on social media as of August 2016. We’d love to hear what you think about this list.

Follow these links to navigate: DREAM   PLAN   VISIT   VOLUNTEER   INVEST



10 Must Follow Zanzibar Influencers on Social Media