10 Must Follow Zanzibar Influencers on Social Media #ZanziChat

One potential difference between the ‘traveller’ and the ‘tourist’ is often that unlike the latter, the former typically finds ways to form a deeper and more meaningful attachment to a particular destination. One way to form such an attachment is through volunteering.

Zanzibar’s beauty masks an underbelly of environmental and socio-economic challenges including deforestation, depletion of coral reef, marine life and fresh water supplies and pollution caused by poor waste disposal practices. The effects of global warming are also being felt in Zanzibar with rising sea temperatures impacting sustainable seaweed farming. Through volunteering, travellers to Zanzibar have a potential opportunity to positively influence the communities they visit.


#9: The Volunteer Network: African Impact

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Also active on: Twitter. To learn more about African Impact: 

Key quote: “We have seen many huge achievements that have benefited the community and our dolphin project has seen many boat operators in the area make adjustments to their practices which undoubtedly has had an effect on dolphin populations in the area.” – Olivia O’Prey

Featured in: USA Today, de Volkskrant (Dutch) Shortlisted for two GoAbroad.com awards in 2014 and won the category for Innovative New Program for the second year running

10 Must Follow Zanzibar Influencers on Social MediaWhy did we choose them? While researching stories for our series, a job advertisement for a Program Manager in Zanzibar sparked our curiosity. Upon closer inspection, we found that African Impact, although targeted at younger volunteers, are active in Zanzibar and offer a number of short term and long term volunteer opportunities for projects such as dolphin and marine conservation and teaching and community support. Although we’ve never worked with them, we were pleased to see the breath of programs they offer in Zanzibar.

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