#2: Isn’t cruise travel for old people?

P&O Cruises | Ajaccio | 10 tips for first time travel

We have always associated cruise travel an older, well-heeled and less time pressured generation. This preconception seemed to be confirmed when, on boarding the Oceana, it soon became clear that younger and ethnically diverse travellers in our age-group were the minority.

P&O Cruises | Ajaccio | 10 Things First Timers Should Know About Cruise Travel

We were keen to embrace this new experience and so rather than being put off by the curious stares we received from the older passengers, we smiled back and engaged as much as we could. The more we engaged, the more we uncovered a wealth of life experience around us, including taking away some incredible stories, insights and nuggets of wisdom.

HDYTI Tip: The age group of fellow cruisers will usually depend on the cruise line and time of cruising (e.g., summer is peak time for family travel). There are cruise liners geared towards people in their 20s, while some are geared toward adults-only. As the cruise industry continues efforts to diversify its traditional traveller base, we expect to see more providers offering differentiated experiences for various demographics.

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