#4: Manage your expectations of time ashore

P&O Cruises | Ajaccio | 10 tips for first time travel

Currently, we enjoy making our own travel plans without being restricted by fixed itineraries and carbon-copy excursions. As this was our first time cruising, we eventually learned to manage our expectations to fit the shore activity options available to us. Although time ashore was limited, each port stop became an opportunity to briefly feel the pulse of the city and spark our curiosity.

Venice presented an opportunity to reflect on art and beauty while the clear waters of the Skradinski Buk falls at Krka National Park in Zadar gave us a chance to literally ‘dip our toes into’ Croatia.

Villefranche and Monte Carlo were tasters of the relaxing luxury of the French Riviera while Ajaccio blessed us with excellent Corsican seafood. Civitavecchia sparked a strong desire for a road-trip to explore Italian vineyards and the Tuscania countryside while Genoa offered a flashback to another era. Each micro-adventure extracted a promise from us to return in future for more intimate visits.

HDYTI Tip: Note that the cost of shore excursions is typically not included in your quoted price. Find out what excursions are available on your trip and where possible, book in advance to guarantee spaces and avoid price increases.

P&O Cruises | Zadar | Croatia | 10 Things First Timers Should Know About Cruise Travel

HDYTI Tip: Factoring in basic safety precautions and warnings, it might be cheaper to consider planning your own excursions, especially if you’re travelling with a group. There are usually a lot of private tour guides at most ports who offer a more personalized experience. Research your options before you travel.

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