#5: Embrace time at sea

P&O Cruises | Oceana | 10 tips for first time travel

Between Zadar and Villefranche, the Oceana spent two full days slicing her way through the still glass-like waters of the Adriatic Sea. She deftly navigated the jackboot of Italy’s coastline into the Ionian Sea before heading towards the busier Strait of Messina. Our balcony cabin allowed us to gaze upon star-lit night skies and wake up to spectacular views of endless ocean, clear blue sky, mysterious Mediterranean islands and the occasional dolphin show.

P&O Cruises | Oceana | 10 tips for first time travel

Every ship has her own distinct character and over two days, we got to know and appreciate the Oceana’s personality. Her impressive atrium became a key landmark as we traversed her decks. Boredom was alleviated by entertainment options including dance lessons, art demonstrations, bars and a well-stocked library and a spa.

HDYTI Tip: While it is tempting to want to pack your sea days full of activity, we recommend allowing yourself to be seduced by the lull of the ocean and like us, embracing the opportunity to simply do…nothing!

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