#6: Forget the internet and digitally detox!

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Digital natives may find cruise travel somewhat frustrating. We firmly belong to the social media generation for whom a life without internet is near unimaginable. With the prohibitive cost of satellite internet connectivity (e.g., 100 minutes for £35), we learned the meaning of the term ‘digital detox’.

Though awkward at first, we soon appreciated an opportunity to take a break from the constant barrage of information and mental stimulation that congests our everyday lives.

P&O Cruises | Ajaccio | 10 tips for first time travel

HDYTI Tip: An alternative to investing in expensive ship Wi-Fi plans is to arrange a fixed data plan for use on-shore with your mobile network provider BEFORE you travel. Using Internet cafés found at most ports is usually a cheaper option as well.

HDYTI Tip: We found the number of charging points aboard the Oceana to be quite limited. Newer cruise ships may have addressed this problem. If you travel with multiple devices, consider taking along options that provide multi-USB charging.

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