Having a #HotGirlSummer all year round just got easier with these suggestions from local women on the island of Antigua. Summer may be coming to an end, but when you’re focused on living your best life, like these queens, summer is just beginning!

If there was a hashtag anthem of the summer of 2019, #HotGirlSummer would undoubtedly be it. With its use going viral within a matter of days in the early months of summer after Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion coined the term on social media, the hashtag has gone on to be used over 546,000 on Instagram alone.  

In her own words, Megan says that #HotGirlSummer is all about “women — and men — having a good-a–time, hyping up your friends, doing you and not giving a damn what anybody has to say about it.”

A beautiful Caribbean island destination like Antigua and Barbuda is as good of a place as any to get immersed in everything #HotGirlSummer.

Although I didn’t get to visit Barbuda on this occasion, I spent seven days exploring the island of Antigua during a travel influencer’s conference hosted by Traverse Events.

After visiting a wealth of historical sites, and participating in various soft adventure excursions, I was hooked on the island, and armed with the desire to learn more about what makes the island’s heart beat.

With this in mind, I chatted with several local women about their top suggestions for having a #HotGirlSummer on the island of Antigua.


Celene Senhouse – @midoryaxyoshi

Celene is an executive personal assistant on the weekdays and a Mermaid/Fete-er on the weekends. As an avid traveller, she constantly self professes her love of food, fashion, feting and experiences that make her feel confident and enriched.

Celene Senhouse weighs in on finding Hot Girl Summer in Antigua & Barbuda


What She Says:

“Hot girl” (or “gyal” in some of our Caribbean dialects) is the result you get when (as a woman) you enjoy any activity that makes you feel empowered, beautiful, sexy, and at peace. It is living your best life and looking and feeling like the best version of you. Your positivity, good vibes and self-confidence levels should be high by the end. 

Some of the activities in Antigua that fit my definition of Hot “Gyal” Summer are:


#1: Participate in Carnival

Carnival is a celebration of our ancestors’ emancipation from slavery and it is also a celebration of our melting pot of people and cultures. It’s all about music, food, drinks, and having a great time. 

Whether you do T-Shirt Mas, Jouvert (awesome to jam in the streets while the sun rises), Monday Mas or Tuesday Mas, you gotta do at least one of these events gyal! 

Carnival is for everybody. Come as you are, put on your outfit/costume, jump up, whine down, and have a great time on the road with friends and strangers alike. 

Do: wear sunscreen and comfy shoes and drink water! 


#2: Day Cruise

Taking a day cruise is one of the best ways to see the island from a different perspective. Spend the day on Antigua’s beautiful waters with music playing, drinks flowing, and plenty of food to share. Wadadli Cats (catamaran boats) is a great company to check out for your day cruise needs.

Wadadli Cats day cruise - Celene Senhouse

The crew is great (as well as the food–*pauses to wipe drool*), and you’ll have such a nice day on the water with a view of the coastline whilst beach hopping. Very few things top that combo of fete vibes and a beach day for me.

Do: wear sunscreen, drink water, don’t forget your towel, take shades and/or a hat. Also, take plenty of pics and videos, as the turquoise blue water is gorgeous. 


#3: Half Moon Bay/Roadhouse

My perfect Sunday involves a beach picnic at Half Moon Bay beach in St. Phillips, followed by dinner and dancing at Roadhouse (not far from there). Half Moon Bay is a long stretch of powdery white sand beach. 

If you walk on to the rocky area at the very end of the beach, there’s “Moon clay”– which my friends and I cover ourselves in. Once it dries, you wash it off in the seawater, and your skin feels so smooth afterwards. 

Head over to Roadhouse after you finish up at Moon Bay. Although it doesn’t look like much from the outside, this little local restaurant comes alive from about 6pm. 

Make sure you call and book early because it is quite popular with younger and more mature crowds alike. The live bands perform old school reggae, calypso and the hottest soca, too. 

Do: [Half Moon Bay] wear sunscreen and shades, bring a floatie, and don’t forget your picnic blanket and cooler.

Do: [Roadhouse] wear comfy shoes to dance in, bring cash (they don’t accept cards).


#4: Boom! Restaurant Bar

No weekend is complete without a “Hot Gyal Sunday Brunch”. You can park in the Nelson’s Dockyard parking lot down south. Go to Admiral’s Inn and ask about the boat across to Boom! at Gunpower House. It is free, and gyal, you feel like an empress being ferried across the marina over to the restaurant. 

The food is very affordable. You’ll have a wonderful view, and once you’ve had a meal there, the use of the cabanas and pool is at no additional cost. 

Because we want to do “hot gyal” without breaking the bank, you can spend all day chatting with your girlfriend (or whomever), lounging, and order as many drinks as you’d like. It’s totally worth it, and your Insta will thank you. 

Do: make a reservation, wear sunscreen (of course), wear a cute swimmie (coverups are a must), and bring a towel.


Mauricia Frith – @i.dare.to.fly

Mauricia works for the tourism board of Antigua and Barbuda during the week, and is a dedicated fete-er on the weekends.

Mauricia Frith weighs in on finding Hot Girl Summer in Antigua & Barbuda


What She Says:

Hot girl summer is all about hanging out with the people you love and living your absolute best life.

A few of my favourite activities that tick my #HotGirlSummer boxes are:


#5: Fort James Beach

Pack your swimsuit and head to Fort James Beach where you can spend a relaxing afternoon soaking up the sun, and if it gets too hot you’re only two steps away for the bluest waters you’ll ever see. If you get hungry you won’t have to go too far. Beach Limerz is right on the coast serving up excellent local dishes.


#6: Rum Bus

Hydrate doesn’t always mean H2O. Instead, you can head to Rum Bus (it is a bar in a red bus) where you can have some awesome cocktails.


#7: Vex Money

Sis, don’t let them leave you hanging! You don’t want to get caught out when your ride is someone who doesn’t know when it’s time to go home. Make sure you have ya vex money so you can get a cab home. It comes in handy when you’ve had too much [to drink] yourself and you’re the driver.

And with that being said, live your best life. Stay vigilant of your surroundings, and have fun. Make memories, bring your girlfriends, camera, battery pack, and come enjoy 365 beaches in Antigua!


Annie Benjamin – @anniemcfierce

Annie is a local socialite and creative from the island of Antigua and Barbuda. When she’s not living her best island life, she’s working as a finance professional.

Annie Benjamin in Antigua


What She Says:

A “Hot Girl Summer” to me is embracing your flaws and being unapologetically you; enjoying life doing the things that truly make you happy. Here are some of my recommended activities for a “Hot Girl Summer” in Antigua:


#8: Play Mas

Carnival is a celebration of freedom and it fits the “Hot Girl Summer” narrative. In Antigua we have three days of the road experience split into various genres. There is T-shirt mas, Jouvert, and Monday/Tuesday mas. 

T-shirt mas and Jouvert are different yet quite similar. They both provide a laid-back uninhibited feeling for the masquerader as they jam through the streets. However, Jouvert comes with a twist, so prepare to get DUTTY! As there is paint, powder, mud and water!

Monday and Tuesday mas happen to be my favourites because of the beauty and splendour. The vibrant colours, sparkly gems and whimsical movement of the feathers in each costume make it such a sight to see and a MUST to participate! This year I played with Barefoot Carnival and had a blast!


#9: Raft Up/Soca Booze Cruise 

You cannot have a “Hot Girl Summer” and not at least do a Soca Booze cruise or Raft Up. There is nothing like cruising on the seas, enjoying the beautiful scenery while grooving with friends and strangers. 

Both instances offer a fully stocked bar with meals and snack options on board. The only difference is the Booze Cruise makes a beach stop while the Raft Up docks at a predetermined location in the water alongside other boats.

There are so many to choose from, M’ocean, Ripple, Castaway Cruises… the list goes on. So, pick out your favourite swimsuit, pack your sunscreen and enjoy a lovely on the seas!


#10: Brunch/Breakfast Party

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Brunch/Breakfast Parties. These parties have the right combination of food, vibes and bubbly. 

Lemonade Brunch event in Antigua

Pictured: @anniemcfierce, @bahamianista @GlobalCarnivalist


Partying from 4-6am might be unheard of in some places, but in Antigua, it’s a normal occurrence. Enjoy watching the sunrise while dressed up in your most fashionable attire with your favourite drink in hand!


#11: Pool/Beach Days

No “Hot Girl Summer” is complete without a chill day or some ‘ME’ time. Whether you choose to go to the beach, spa or pool, your health and well being is important in order for you to operate at your full potential. So grab a book or listen to your favourite podcast and recharge.

I usually alternate between beach or pool days for my reset moments. My favourite beaches are Ffryes Beach, Darkwood Beach and Dickenson Bay. For my pool days, I am either at a friend’s house or at Boom by Admirals Inn.

This summer in Antigua was definitely one for the books and I can officially dub it my “Hot Girl Summer”! I was living my best island life and had so much fun participating in the carnival festivities. Shout out to everyone who made it possible! I can’t wait for next summer! Hot Girl Summer to be continued…


#HotGirlSummer Year-Round?

These Antiguan queens are certainly showing the rest of us that viral hashtags can outlive their own self proclaimed timelines. The number of ways to have a “Hot Girl Summer” in Antigua seems to be as plentiful as the island’s 365 beaches. 

If you plan on visiting the island, look up Annie, Celene and Mauricia on Instagram for island inspiration all year-round. 


Disclaimer: Although Eulanda was a press guest on behalf of Traverse Events and Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority, her thoughts and opinions are her own, as well as the thoughts of all featured guest contributors.


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