Why Idaho?

We recently had the opportunity to attend a travel event hosted by AVIAREPS for Idaho Tourism, on behalf of House of Coco magazine. The event was held at London’s award winning K West Hotel & Spa. Here, we were treated to an afternoon of luxurious spa treatments, including a dip into the K West ‘snow room.’ Later, we took a mini cooking class, where we learned how to make chocolate potato donuts (yes, you read it correctly), and potato rostis. We then spent the remainder of the day indulging in delicious Idaho themed courses, made by the onsite K West chefs.

Neither of us (despite one half of our pair having been born and raised in Denver, CO) had ever visited Idaho, nor had we ever had it on our foodie-travel radar.  However, our seemingly well curated radar has completely changed.

What did we discover about Idaho that influenced this change?

Besides being a destination that is experiencing a huge tourism boom, the state of Idaho has much to offer to discerning foodies. Here are five reasons why Idaho has made it onto our foodie-travel wish list:


Idaho chocolate potato donut | @dipyourtoesin

#1: Potato, Potat-o

Idaho may best be known for its potatoes, and this is not without good reason. Every manner of dish can be enhanced with potatoes, and Idaho has become an expert in this area. Idaho is home to rich volcanic soil, clean water, and a semi-arid climate; which all provides ideal conditions to grow its own famed variety.

From breakfast to dessert, you won’t find a destination more innovative with its use of the starchy nightshade. Which brings us back to our earlier mention about trying the chocolate potato donut. It’s a must try, and completely worth visiting this state just to sink your teeth into this curiously savoury, but sweet delight. You can give it a try at home with this recipe featured on Idaho Potato.


Fishing in Idaho | @dipyourtoesin

Image courtesy of Visit Idaho

#2: Fish Paradise

It is no secret that we are fish lovers. Growing up, my grandfather would take the grandkids fishing and we’d spend the day casting our lines, waiting for bites. Then we’d take our catch (if we we were lucky enough) home to be cleaned, seasoned, and fried. It’s a food memory that I’ll always cherish.

Besides being home to some of the best freshwater streams and reservoirs, Idaho gastronomy has evolved to position itself as a leading state for seafood offerings in the West, even for caviar fans! Once we visit, we’ll update this post with some of our recommendations for seafood restaurants!


5 Foodie Reasons Why Idaho Is On Our Travel Wish List | @dipyourtoesin

Image courtesy of Visit Idaho

#3: Food Markets

Every foodie has their vice, and ours are food markets. We have been known to travel to a city just because we heard about a fantastic market. Part of this reason is based on our travel style. If we plan to be in a city for more than a few days, we’ll book a flat or house on Airbnb. This way we have access to a kitchen, and it gladly forces us to get out into the community, shop, and cook some of our own meals. Besides the benefits of saving a bit of money, we feel much more connected to the city we’re exploring when we shop locally, and barter with vendors at markets.

Idaho Tourism recommends Moscow Market as a great starting place to get introduced to the market culture of Idaho. Whenever we do visit, we will be sure to develop a recipe that infuses our wish list preferences (potatoes and seafood). Idaho is definitely an off the beaten path destination that we’re looking forward to exploring!


Currently, there are no direct flights from London to Idaho. However, various tour operators are working with aviation authorities to make them available. For more information on the range of offerings from this state, go to Visit Idaho.

>> What destinations are on your foodie-travel wish list? Have you visited Idaho before? We’d love to hear more below! <<<


5 Foodie Reasons Why Idaho Is On Our Travel Wish List | @dipyourtoesin


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