#5: There is a future to look forward to

There is one last thing we love about autumn and indeed winter. Despite the shorter days and longer nights, we are treated to the most amazing sunsets. The crisp air seems to give the sky a special clarity which allows light from the sun to cast different shades on everything it touches. During our travels this year: to places like Sri Lanka, The Maldives and Germany, we’ve captured some amazingly random sunsets.

Autumn Sunset Inspirational Life Lessons, Munich, Germany

Munich Airport, Germany


Sunsets are beautiful. However, they also share a powerful message. The message is that there is no finality in nature; only a temporary change that signals a fresh and new beginning. As surely as the sun sets, so also will it rise again the next day. Nature teaches us that there is a morning to look forward to; no matter how long or bleak the night may be.

Sunset Inspirational Life Lessons, Amaya Hills, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Amaya Hills, Sri Lanka

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To round off this last lesson, I’ll share a personal story from an experience I faced earlier this year.

“The room fell eerily silent as short staccato-like sounds emanated from the spider phone which sat in the middle of the chilly conference room. We all sat with our eyes lowered, avoiding eye contact; as if the very exchange of looks might somehow betray each person’s thoughts and emotions.

Around the phone we sat: from the USA, Zambia, Pakistan, England, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, Poland and God knows where else. Short beeps punctuated the voluntary silence, announcing the presence of others dialling in from every imaginable time zone. The world as they knew it was falling apart because the centre, though able, was no longer willing to hold. The gods of capitalism had demanded a sacrifice. Like an ancient Viking blood eagle ceremony, our jobs were the lambs being led to the slaughter.

The collective feeling could only be compared to the one you get right before you walk into a wall and bump your head. You know it’s going to hurt but you can’t avoid it. Email had already delivered the bad news. It was time to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Our company was being sold. At that moment, years of service, grade levels, budgets and project plans all blended into a mess of nothingness. Thirty year careers were being dismissed alongside those whose careers had barely begun.

Autumn Sunset Inspirational Life Lessons, River Thames, London

The expected ‘management-speak’, meant to reassure, only triggered thoughts of mortgages, school fees, lost bonuses, contract renegotiations, pension pots and employability. The rug was well and truly being pulled out from under our feet and many would bleed.

Blood: the elixir of life, distinctive in its peculiar shade of redness was the common denominator we all shared. When life shoots an unlikely bullet, all is laid bare and we all bleed the same colour. In this our shared moment of adversity, our race, creed, religion, age and sex counted for nothing. The only thing we shared was our humanity…and a realisation that we were all human.

The phone beeps signifying the end of the call abruptly woke me up from my wandering thoughts. Like the convoluted paths of a spider’s web, we left leave the room to go in whatever direction life would take us. We would each need to find our reference point, dig deep and rebuild….”

As the sun sets on 2015, we are reminded that no matter the challenges we’ve faced this year, we are grateful to be alive and hopeful for the future.

Autumn Sunset Inspirational Life Lessons, Hammersmith, London

Hammersmith, London


The words spoken by actor Dev Patel in the 2011 movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” seem apt: “It will be all right in the end…and if it isn’t all right…that is because it is not yet the end!