With less than a week to Valentine’s Day, as usual, love (or panic) is in the air! Heady romantic feelings are sharply brought back to earth as hearts beat faster and palms turn sweaty at the thought of leaving it till late (yet again) to find that special gift for a loved one. The shops don’t help the pressure either as they constantly jostle for our attention with their well manicured gift selections.
For those who believe that Valentine’s Day is more hype than substance and is simply another opportunity for commercial exploitation, you’re probably not far from the truth. However, for many, Valentine’s Day still retains an element of nostalgia. This latter group of people happily embrace its traditions and despite the blatant, in-your-face commercialization, this group will usually make an effort to express their love through symbolic yet meaningful gifts.

Regardless of which of these views you subscribe to, we hope that we can give you a few gift ideas. Following the success of our Christmas gift list, we have compiled a list of ‘6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples Who Travel’. Some of these gifts have been inspired by our own personal travel experiences over the past two years. We include the luxurious, the basic and the quirky. We hope you find practical use for these gifts other than just for Valentine’s Day.

Please note that some of these items are made to order and may therefore be delivered AFTER Valentine’s Day!


#1 Personalised leather passport covers – from £19 (Etsy)

Although passport covers are not the most romantic of gifts, we like the idea of their practicality. If we have to choose between function and style, we’ll take both (thank you very much). These personalised, leather passport holders are hand-made in Lviv, Ukraine by GiftsAndTravel and speak beauty and luxury. Makers GiftsAndTravel say they are “created to bring inspiration and aesthetic pleasure for travellers”.

When you and your significant other walk up to passport control and present your travel documents, look out for the hint of approval in the eyes of the passport control officer…before they sternly order you to remove your passports from these lovely covers for inspection.

Note: Allow time for production and shipping for this one.


#2 – Laser-etched wood luggage tags – from £20 (Etsy)

Except for that time when our luggage turned up without our luggage tags in ‘Somewhere’-City, for the most part, our luggage has always arrived intact wherever we’ve travelled to (thank God!). These eye-catching, quirky yet simple wooden luggage tags handcrafted in Britain by Maria Allen Boutique can be personalised with text or images so that when your luggage turns up (hopefully intact and on time), you and your significant other are greeted with your favourite inspirational travel quote!

Note: Maria Allen Boutique have kindly offered 10% off to our readers! Simply send an Etsy message to them quoting ‘HDYTI‘. You can also purchase directly from their website (here) using the discount code DIPYOURTOES10


 #3 – His & Hers ‘Motherland Pillows’ – from $45 (Canadian) (Makel Designs)

There are travel pillows and then there are ‘Motherland Pillows’. Based out of Toronto and boldly representing African design and fashion, Mecca Gali, designer at Makel Designs says they are on a mission to “infuse classic African styles into functional, everyday products” while paying homage to the great continent.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Couples Who Travel | HDYTI

Available in different (customizable) styles and colours, these distinct travel pillows are a great gift for the travelling couple who are not afraid to turn up the style. We cannot promise that these pillows will give you visions of skipping hand-in-hand through Kenya’s glorious Masai Mara, but they are bound to get heads turning while you and your partner rest yours on your next long haul flight.

Note: Orders can be placed through their online store or through their Facebook page. 

Extra gift: Because the folks at Makel Designs are great, every order comes with a complementary eye cover / patch to enhance your sleep experience.


#4 – Share the love, share your music: Headphone splitter – from £4 (Amazon)

Music and romance go hand-in-hand. Gregory Porter’s velvety smooth voice on his classic song ‘Be Good’ remains the soundtrack to our early romance as a couple. So unless your other half is more Rolling Stones while you’re more Jason Mraz, sharing your music while you travel is a great way to bond. Besides it also means that you can save battery on one person’s device while using up power on the other’s thereby having at least one working device when you get to your destination.

Since it seems like everyone these days travels with a Beats by Dr. Dre headset, for our one and only ‘tech’ entry, we have chosen the ‘Headphone Y-Splitter Cable for Monster Beats Dr. Dre Extension Cords Headset Couples Line‘ from CrownTrade for your music splitting experience. Hopefully you both find some common ground through music.

Valentine's Day Gift for Couples Who Travel

HDYTI Tip: Guys…this music sharing idea is a great conversation starter…thank us later!

Note: As with any Amazon listing, you are welcome to purchase elsewhere.


#5 – Weekender / Overnight Bags (His and Hers) – Etsy

Short weekend getaways or romantic city breaks need to be quick and easy. What better way to prove your romantic credentials than to surprise your other half with flight tickets to their favourite city.

If the element of surprise works (another great romantic tip), then you want to be prepared to simply whisk your partner away with as little fuss as possible. You want to travel light (see this ‘ultimate’ packing guide) so you only need the essentials. These luxurious weekend / overnight leather bags are for those couples who love to keep it simple yet stylish.

His: Caramel Tan Leather Duffle Weekend Holdall – by FoxArcher (based in the UK) – £115

Hers: Leather duffle bag / Travel bag / Weekender (small) – by Blue Drop (based in Athens, Greece) – £151.24.

…and more Hers: Vintage Red Leather Weekend Overnight Bag / Large Shoulder – by dejaVintageUk – £49.50

Valentine's Day Gift for Couples Who Travel

Note: Bags are hand-made to order and may require 3 to 5 days for production and up to one week for delivery to the UK. Read each seller’s shipping notices and terms and conditions carefully for more information. Also contact them before hand to ask any questions or make any special requests.


#6 – Travel from your kitchen with The Locals Cookbook for Sri Lanka – £20 (TheLocalsCookBooK)

There are those for whom travel is more than a hobby or lifestyle. For them, it is life defining. Such people collect experiences rather than things. British-born traveller, surfer, photographer and chef Jon Lewin is one of such people whose wealth and depth of experience comes across powerfully in his new cookbook on Sri Lankan cuisine.

TheLocalsCookBook SriLanka

Reigniting our love affair with all things Sri Lanka (if you’re Sri Lankan and reading this, our love never died), the rich imagery, descriptions, personal stories and artwork in this book will first take your imagination on a journey and then beckon to your taste buds to catch up.

Perfect for the travel couple enjoying a ‘stay-cation’ this Valentine’s Day, who love cooking and who would like to treat each other to a romantic evening with an international flavour. This book is the first in a series of travel documentary style cookbooks from Jon and we cannot wait to see what comes next. We’ll be working our way through his recipes so look out for our full review of this book coming soon (book review).



Ultimately, love is expressed in many ways, gifts being one of the more visible. By the time you read this, Valentine’s Day may have come and gone leaving you to rue another ‘missed opportunity’. Have no fear!

In the wise words of American relationship expert and therapist Esther Boykin, No matter what thing we haven’t done yet, it seems to me that it’s always better to do it when we can rather than throw in the towel because we waited ‘too long’.

Valentine's Day Gifts | Couples | Travel

Whatever you do (or don’t do), we wish you love on Valentine’s Day and always. Keep spreading the love to everyone around you and together, let’s make the world a better place, one smile at a time.

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