#DIPINTO17 Madeira, Portugal

Join 13 other creative entrepreneurs on the island of Madeira in Portugal! Get ready for 5 days and 4 nights full of transformative business work and the perfect balance of culture and play! This retreat is for you if you:

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Modern art in Valencia, Ciudad las Artes y las Ciencias

HDYTI guest contributors Amalia and Eric share an insiders view of Valencia. Visitors will find that modern art in Valencia is just outside the door!

Exploring Art, History and Luxury in Ipswich, Suffolk

Where in the United Kingdom (UK) can you go for the ideal city escape, to find the scent of the sea, explore slices of medieval history and enjoy a unique combination of art and luxury? We found an unlikely but

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Five Things We look forward to Experiencing in Valencia

We are off to Valencia! In this post, we share five things we hope to experience during our upcoming trip. If you have never visited, perhaps we can convince you to join us on this trip by following our social media updates and ultimately

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Staycation & Style in the Great British Countryside | via @dipyourtoesin

Post Brexit, we explore the growing interest in staycations in Britain. With London Fashion Week in progress, we chose to revisit a previous fashion expedition and share our thoughts about staycation and style in the British countryside.   Staycation and

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Vorarlberg Cheese by Michael Gunz Gastronomy courtesy Vorarlberg Tourism

Ski season regulars have kept its secrets to themselves for far too long. However with summer being the new winter in the Alps, the secret is out! This is our guide to gastronomy in the Austrian Alps with Lech Zürs am Arlberg

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PlanetPass London Walking Tour Foodies at Borough Market

We believe that the greatest cities are those that preserve their history but are equally unafraid to evolve. With its eternal ability to be both old and new, London is clearly a city in that category. In the words of

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10 Things First Timers Should Know About Cruise Travel

You know the sort of relationship you have with a distant relative where you communicate with each other via the occasional Facebook poke (does anyone still do that?) or random emoji? Well, that’s how we felt about cruise travel.

Lend us your imagination for a few minutes. Join us around our campfire and let us share our love letter to a land far away whose majestic mountains were shaped by time and in whose misty glens warriors and kings

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Saint-Malo Seafood | Brittany | @dipyourtoesin

Passion is a word that is characteristically French. Our short weekend trip to Saint-Malo, Brittany (Bretagne) provided a great introduction to Breton culinary traditions in a cultural region of France where food and history combine passionately.

Mojito glasses at Mercado de San Miguel HDYTI

Madrid or Barcelona? We know Spain has loads of amazing cities and this question is likely to raise a few ‘El-Clasico’ and Catalan eyebrows but if you had to choose to visit one of these two cities, which one would

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Le Petit Moulin

A summer French-themed bridal shoot with the seasoned and versatile wedding photographer esp.LOVE was the perfect excuse we needed to pack our bags and fly to France for a few days.   The photo shoot provided a rare opportunity to mix

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Toledo Spain Day Trip | HDYTI

Although the popular American expression ‘Holy Toledo!’ probably has less reverent origins, the iconic Spanish city from which its Ohio sister derives its name was once home to three religious cultures: Christian, Muslim and Jewish. These three cultures co-existed for centuries and

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Jay Emme | Corfu | HDYTI

In a quest to encourage families to travel, we’ve asked some of our fantastic fans to submit guest posts on their top tips for travelling with children. Jay Emme is a super talented photographer and confidence coach based in Birmingham,

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Travelling to Gozo, Azure Window

There are a number of options available to those seeking to escape harsh European winters. Without crossing continents, one option is Malta. However travelling to Malta in the winter still requires some preparation. Here we share five tips for things

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Streets of Valletta, Malta

Of Valletta, Knights and the ’30 second’ horseman The Knights of Saint John and The Grand Masters are a very significant part of Malta’s history. These men were considered warriors, leaders and lawmakers of their time. Although their age is

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On a trip to the island of Gozo, we encountered rural Malta, ate a cooked lunch in a shed and marvelled at the Azure Window. We hope you enjoy reading this instalment of our Malta Diaries. If Malta’s ancient Mdina is your cool

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Rabat, Malta

Mdina…Where is everyone? Oh! Thanks Rabat 🙂 The silence was almost uncanny. As we walked through the silent streets of Mdina, it seemed as if most of its residents had been abducted by aliens or all 11,000 of them had

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