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Inclusive design increases accessibility to digital content for those with disabilities. In this post, we share a few ideas to help you ensure that your content is as accessible as possible.

Man Using Virtual Reality Headset | Photo by Areous Ahmad from Pexels

As the global travel industry goes through turmoil, impacting business and leisure travel, we wonder whether virtual reality travel experiences could satisfy our wanderlust in the meantime. We speak with Ed Limon CEO of Winged Whale Media, Toronto, about how virtual reality and augmented reality could reshape the way we travel.

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Determining a value for your work goes beyond setting a price for individual pieces of content. In this resource article, we address what content creators should consider before pricing their content.   Learning the Hard Way The influencer/creator marketplace is

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5 Questions Influencers should ask brands

While some content creators may hesitate to call themselves ‘influencers’, the unavoidable truth is that if you’re actively leveraging your online persona for personal or business objectives, you’re in influencer marketing terrain. Brands seeking to drive growth through influencer marketing

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