This Sunday, August 11, 2019, at 7 pM BST (2 PM ET), we are teaming up with Europe’s biggest mobile bank, N26, to host the first-ever #Chat26 Twitter chat. The topic of discussion will be ‘Summer Travels’ where you will have a chance to chat about your summer 2019 highlights. See the chat questions below as well as guidelines on how to participate in a Twitter chat (if you’ve never done one before).


Omo and Eulanda in Tunisia | Chat26

From Glastonbury to AfroNation, from the brief UK heatwave to the azure waters of the world’s trendiest beach destinations, we’ve been following social media and vicariously soaking up all the amazing experiences from summer 2019.

We too have had some noteworthy trips in summer 2019 and look forward to trading stories during #Chat26.

Bring your photos, your banter and your summer swag to this one-hour session. Twitter chats are a great opportunity to meet new people and expand your social media network.

We also want to encourage some learning and are keen to hear your best travel tips for spending and saving while you travel. 

This #Chat26 Twitter chat, an initiative by European mobile bank N26, will be the first one ever and we are SUPER excited to be chosen as the first ones to co-host.


Questions for the #Chat26 Twitter Chat

The chat session will last for one hour (7 PM to 8 PM British Summer Time / 2 PM to 3 PM ET) and will have one ice breaker question and 5 questions for discussion.

Each question will be posted roughly 6 to 8 minutes apart. Please use #Chat26 in all your responses so we can see them – it’s so easy for stuff to get lost on Twitter!


Ice-breaker question: If you could do back-to-back travel for a whole month this summer, what would be your top 3 destinations to visit? #Chat26

Question 1: How far in advance of a trip do you usually start saving money for it? #Chat26

Question 2: Do you use credit or debit cards to collect loyalty points or rewards to fund your travels? #Chat26

Question 3: Do you use any mobile apps for tracking and organising your spending while you’re abroad? #Chat26

Question 4: “Make a budget and stick to it” OR “It’s OK to stretch the budget and live in the moment!” … What’s your style when travelling? #Chat26

Question 5: What souvenirs have you most enjoyed collecting on your travels? Share pictures. #Chat26


How to participate in a Twitter chat

Twitter chats are virtual meetups where real-time conversations happen on Twitter. They usually last up to one hour and focus on different topics of interest.

Participants congregate at the start time (7 PM BST | 2 PM ET) and follow the chosen hashtag (in this case #Chat26). 

We will post a number of questions for the duration of the chat usually starting with Q1, Q2, Q3…etc followed by the hashtag.

You can respond and engage with each question by starting your answers with A1, A2, A3…etc followed by the hashtag.

Feel free to engage with other participants but please remember to also use the hashtag (again #Chat26) so that others can join the conversation.

You can free to attach photos, videos or news articles to your responses. Again, remember to add the hashtag #Chat26 to your responses.

Free tools such as can be very useful to help manage chat windows.

Finally, remember that the general rules of offline, face-to-face, conversations also apply online. Be respectful, polite and remember to have fun!

See you at the #Chat26 Twitter chat and invite others to join in!

Invitation to join Twitter chat to talk about summer travels


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