Have you ever had a multi-sensory dining experience that took you on a journey around the world from the comfort of your table? HDYTI contributor, Caroline Sande went along to an immersive culinary event hosted by The Grand Expedition UK and discovered that food and imagination can result in something very appealing.


Gingerline, shrouded in secrecy

It was 4 pm on Thursday afternoon when a cryptic text message arrived on my phone inviting me to an unusual culinary event. The text advised us to observe a non-compulsory aeronautical dress code. How exciting!

The rest of the message contained navigation directions to something called a #GLExpedition dinner at a location somewhere on the Victoria Line between Euston and Walthamstow station in London.

I excitedly prepared to attend the dinner on behalf of Hey Dip Your Toes In and brought my friend Jess (@Road2culturedom) along for the experience.


An immersive dining experience

Trying to write a review of this out-of-the-world culinary experience is a little tricky as all attendees were sworn to secrecy.

Gingerline is all about the joyful thrill of surprise. However, I will let you have a slice of the pie (without any spoilers of course).

Gingerline The Grand Expedition

Upon arriving at the top secret location of an abandoned warehouse, the anticipation heightens as we are greeted by a member of the Grand Expedition team. We are led into a white-walled building by one of the characters speaking incomprehensibly and motioning for us to pick up a bottle of Asahi; complimentary beer from Japan.

It was confusing at first, however, as the night proceeds, we become somewhat accustomed to this strange language.

The character leads us through a picture-book illustration door which reads ‘Step forward expeditionists! Every cloud has a Ginger Lining…

Gingerline The Grand Expedition

Upon entry, we are immediately transported into an aeronautical-themed, artfully designed space and seated on cluster tables mimicking a hot air balloon.

The stage is set for a stunning live animation and we are ready for lift off around the globe. 

Floating above the clouds, the journey through five geographically-different food courses kicks off with an animation projection surrounding the entire room. We arrive at each destination, accompanied by dancing and miming from the performers who also play the dual role of bringing the appropriately themed food to each table.

Gingerline The Grand Expedition

Due to the language barrier and staying in character, a random member of each table is signalled to read the menu to fellow diners and have a go at creatively arranging dumplings on the plate for the Japanese section of the event.

Guessing the destination we would be whisked off to next became a debate on our table; a natural conversation starter amongst fellow diners.

Throughout the evening, the audience is encouraged and sometimes handpicked to be part of the storytelling, leading to outrageous fun. With every costume and choreography change, the actors stay in character the whole evening to maintain the mood.


The Grand Expedition delivers

I have to applaud the entire Grand Expedition team. I was truly impressed by the attention to detail of the food, delivery of the show, the visual design of the set (even down to the bar and cloud painted toilets). A humble dinner party this was certainly not.

For those looking for an immersive dining experience, the 3-hour show ticks many appealing boxes.


Booking details

Prices for this unusual dining experience range from £60-75 (General seating). Your ticket includes a welcome drink on arrival, a 5-course set menu designed by Gingerline’s Flavourology and a 180-minute multi-media experience including elaborate set design, dance, story-telling, interactivity and immersive performance. Visit https://www.thegrandexpedition.co.uk/

Disclaimer: Caroline was a press guest on behalf of HDYTI. However, all thoughts and opinions remain hers.

Caroline Sande is the Founder of TravelEatSlay an apparel brand for travelling millennials. Her aim is to share travel experiences, explore global food cultures whilst expressing a fashion statement within a growing community of travellers. Through hosting group day trips around Europe, Caroline is passionate to show how accessible travel can be whilst connecting like-minded travellers.