Enough with the cat videos…

Social media constantly screams headlines such as: “27 Exciting Things to Do with Prawns!” or “Top 7 Restaurants To Check Out Before You Die!” or “10 Gadgets That Will Change Your Life!”. While these headlines are certainly catchy, they seem to prescribe some type of formula for experiencing life. Consuming social media content is hard enough without the added pressure of feeling that you’re missing out because you don’t have all the ’10 life-changing gadgets’ or haven’t done the “33 Doughnuts You Have To Try Before You Die” (although that last one would leave a huge smile on a few faces).
Welcome to ‘Hey! Dip Your Toes In’ (HDYTI – pronounced “hi-dee-tie”), our new food, travel and lifestyle blog that does just the opposite. No formulas! That’s probably good news for those of you who hated Math in school 🙂
HDYTI‘s mission is simple. We are regular, everyday people (About Us) who want to use our combined skills and interests (travel, dance, graphic design, cooking, photography, writing) to unlock new, exciting and practical experiences for ourselves and everyone around us. Life for the average person is busy and so we believe that everyone deserves a chance to escape every now and then. We want to be your escape…or at least sow the seeds for your next adventure (think everything from experimenting with banana bread recipes in the comfort of your kitchen to trekking through the back streets of Valletta, Malta). Adventures are born in the mind; but only YOU can make them real.


So what can you expect from HDYTI?


FOOD: We’re going to be sharing our experiences and experiments with food. You can expect interesting recipes. When things work we will tell you. When they don’t, we will be honest enough to admit it. Remember, no formulas :-). Watch out for our special series in summer 2015: ‘The Travelling Barbecue Man’.


TRAVEL: We will be blogging about our travels and providing practical tips on how we saved money or managed to reduce costs but still had a great trip. And because we can’t possibly cover the planet on our own, we will be sourcing original content from guest contributors from all over the world; from California to Sydney and everything in between. True stories and unique perspectives which you won’t find in a regular tour book.

Gregory Porter, London

LIFESYTLE: Our personal interactions with everyday life…including art, music, tech, books, events, concerts, film, relationships. We will be genuine and try to avoid hype.

We’re going to be introducing a unique and catchy ‘Toe Rating’ system. Before you start getting images of corny feet in your head, hold up! You, our dear readers and followers, will be able to rate the content we put out there….hopefully after you’ve tried it out as well. Five toes, five ratings. 1 for “Hmmm, I’m not sure” and 5 for “My toes are loving it!” Easy right?

We’re going to share treats as well. Watch out for information on deals, offers, and money saving suggestions for your next adventure. Everyone likes freebies right? Watch out for our exclusive and exciting ‘toe dipping’ giveaways. We are excited about this new blog. We hope you enjoy it too.

Costa Rica

Sometimes, life is like standing next to a swimming pool on a hot sunny day and wondering what the water feels like. For those who prefer not to swim, at least you can dip your toes in, feel the cool water brush against your skin, slowly peel back the layers and then probably get tempted to gently immerse yourself in. That’s perfectly fine. However, we know that some of you need no further invitation to throw off your clothes and jump right in! We like that too! They say we only live once right (WOLO, YOLO)? Through this blog we hope to inspire you to dip your toes in and more. When you do, we hope that you’ll find that the water is just fine 🙂


Welcome to HDYTI!


Co-Founders & Curators at HDYTI

Eulanda & Omo Osagiede are London-based freelance writers and award-winning social influencers who run the popular travel, food, and lifestyle blog HDYTI (Hey! Dip your toes in).