Taking a temporary detour from our usual travel content, we are sharing this resource about homeschooling during the ongoing pandemic lockdown as a way to support our community. Current circumstances mean parents across the world are facing the prospect of months of homeschooling their children, swapping places with school teachers and replacing traditional classroom learning environments with home schools.

To support our community during these times, we interviewed Delijah Price, a Colorado mom of five who has over three years of experience in homeschooling her kids. In this interview, Delijah shares her experience and useful tips for homeschooling during the lockdown.


Let’s Chat About Homeschooling During the Lockdown

In this interview (see links to YouTube videos below), Delijah shares five tips for homeschooling success including:

Tip 1: Know yourself and know your kids

Tip 2: Find a way to structure the school day (you can download her free daily schedule template below)

Tip 3: Manage expectations – yours and your kids

Tip 4: Factor in structured time for physical exercise

Tip 5: Use technology to help your kids stay connected with their classmates and friends

Bonus Tip: Protect your mental health


Protecting your mental health while homeschooling

If you’re able to work from home during these unusual times, you’re likely having to also deal with your regular work schedule as well as homeschooling commitments. There is definitely a higher risk to your mental health while homeschooling during the lockdown.

Here’s what Delijah has to say about protecting your mental health while homeschooling your kids…

“Your mental health matters and homeschooling can sometimes be overwhelming. Homeschooling in these times could look different for everyone. Your children’s school may be giving you a lot of resources for the students to use which is awesome. It may be that your school isn’t giving you a lot of resources and you have to build up your own arsenal.”

“At the end of the day, remember that this is difficult for everyone. I’ve been doing this for three years and I have a day sometimes when I throw my hands up and just need a break. When you start feeling overwhelmed, you and your kids are unlikely to have a successful homeschooling day. Know that this happens to everyone.”

If you are homeschooling, make sure you give yourself time to recharge. Give yourself the mental health break that you need.

If you are homeschooling during the lockdown, make sure you give yourself time to recharge. Give yourself the mental health break that you need. Click To Tweet

Also, know that your kids are going to be learning from you all the time – whether through a structured or unstructured program. So if homeschooling in the traditional sense isn’t going great on any particular day, explore other ways of teaching that are out-of-the-box.

You’ve got this! But pay attention to your mental health.


Interview – Part 1


Interview – Part 2


Download Delijah’s Daily Homeschool Guide

Free Homeschooling Guide


Delijah’s YouTube Homeschool Playlist

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Thanks to Delijah Price for sharing these resources.

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