In this Mezcal and Tonic cocktail, add strawberries and basil for a fruity and herbal concoction

The classic G&T gets a smoky, vibrant makeover with this strawberry-basil mezcal and tonic cocktail. Pick up a bottle of artisanal mezcal, and get ready to be transported to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Taco Rio with Cacao Black Bean Dip inspired by Chef Watson | via @dipyourtoesin

Before we tempt your taste buds with our Rio Taco goodness, we must share that we came across IBM’s new Chef Watson food knowledge database recently and have spent the last week exploring its potential to help us innovate with

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Plantain Pancakes with Lemon-Ginger honey syrup

Plantains? Umm yes! If you aren’t on the plantain bandwagon, then where have you been? Grab your fork and knife, and jump on! Mr. HDYTI loves these, partly because plantains are a staple in Nigerian cuisine. They are yummy, gluten-free, and

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Arepas with blackened salmon & tomato-basil relish

How is it that with our combined love for Latin food, neither of us had tried arepas until a few weeks back? It made no sense, whatsoever. They’re gluten free, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside (a foodie’s dream).

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