To conclude our travel series on one of Europe’s little-known but very endearing destinations, we share our curated mini vacation travel guide to Luxembourg. This downloadable PDF guide contains travel tips and suggestions for visitors to Luxembourg City and the surrounding countryside.

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Luxembourg: From desk to vacation in hours

As working professionals, we try to embrace every opportunity we get to travel. Being situated in London, one of the world’s most connection cities, we sometimes take for granted how easy it is to hop on plane or a train into Europe without too much planning.

With flight times of just around one hour between London’s City Airport and Luxembourg’s Airport Findel, the elusive ‘desk-to-vacation-in-hours’ concept is a realistic and appealing proposition for anyone looking for a quick weekend getaway or simply a break from routine.

Our mini-vacation travel guide to Luxembourg provides suggestions for an immersive experience which includes an inviting mix of food, wine, culture, art and history.


Places to eat in Luxembourg City

Things to do in Luxembourg | Forum of Contemporary Art | Visit Luxembourg

In this guide, anyone who loves good food will find some interesting suggestions for places to experience Luxembourg’s gastronomy.

Luxembourg’s cuisine is influenced by its diverse cultural landscape which includes German, French, and Portuguese. Indulging in traditional Luxembourg pastries and confectioneries is a highlight of any visit to this delightful country. Among the many suggestions in our guide, purveyors to the Royal Court such as family-owned Pâtisserie Oberweis, respected Luxembourg baker, Chef Cathy Goedert and contemporary restaurant Um Plateau deserve mention.


Download the guide HERE!


Sensory wine-tasting experiences

Things to do in Luxembourg | Wine tasting in Moselle with Max Lahr | Visit Luxembourg

East of Luxembourg City lies the seductive and serenely beautiful Moselle region. This is Luxembourg’s wine country which borders France and Germany.

Luxembourg is famous for many white wine varieties of which Crémant and Riesling are the most popular.

We recommend heading out to one of the vineyards for a walking tour which provides stunning views of the River Moselle, endless rows of grapevines to explore and a chance to engage all your senses. Our mini vacation travel guide to Luxembourg provides suggestions.


Unexpected Luxembourg

Things to do in Luxembourg | Bock Casemates | Visit Luxembourg

We didn’t expect to be able to pack so much activity into one weekend trip but Luxembourg delivered on many levels.

The subterranean Casemates, Luxembourg City’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, provided us with an opportunity to learn about the country’s rich history as one of Europe’s most formidable pre-20th century military fortresses. Local guides are available to provide an engaging narrative on the various chapters of history.

Alternatively, you can pick up a map from the Luxembourg City Tourism Office and spend quality time on self-guided walks through quiet parks, historic landmarks and hidden vineyards.

Art lovers will find many opportunities to pause and experience both traditional and modern art from local and itinerant artists. Our favourite art stop was the Forum of Contemporary Art (Casino) where art and food combined beautifully in their delicatessen.

However, if you prefer to avoid the city altogether, we understand. Luxembourg is home to many picturesque castles worth checking out. The village of Schengen in Moselle is one other notable stop to visit. This was where the original treaty to eliminate border controls in Europe was signed.

HDYTI Tip: Contact Visit Luxembourg if you need special assistance (e.g., family friendly attractions/activities).


Mini Vacation Travel Guide to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country with significant world impact. We hope we have given you enough reasons to include this destination on your list of places to vacation in Europe.

Click on the image below to download our guide and let us know if you find it useful.

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