The Moroccan sun had taken one final bow and as it slipped away, the desert temperatures plummeted almost instantly to below zero degrees. At that moment we were certain of one thing; if the Sahara Desert heat doesn’t kill you, the freezing cold just might.

Morocco | Sahara Desert | Sand Dunes | Erg Chebbi

Dressed in as much warm clothing as our backpacks would allow us to carry, we huddled close together in front of the dinner tent, dancing from foot to foot and furiously rubbing our palms together to stay warm while waiting for our turn to be seated for dinner.

“Why didn’t somebody light a fire?” we wondered, although almost immediately humbled by the realisation that for centuries, humans had survived these conditions.

Our dexterous Berber hosts, heads wrapped in turbans and dressed in their Jedi-like traditional attire hustled back and forth through the camp, their footfalls hardly making a sound as they set about their mission to feed over 70 visitors from all over the world who had chosen to spend New Year’s Eve sleeping under the stars in the vast nothingness of Morocco’s Sahara Desert.

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