Welcome to #NaijaChat! We invite you to watch the video below ‘Exploring Nigeria: #NaijaChat Video Highlights’ where we preview what you can expect from our destination focus on Nigeria.

Nigeria (Naija as it is fondly called by those in the know) is a country of interesting (and sometimes absurd) paradoxes. While not one of Africa’s most sought after travel / holiday destinations, an understanding of black Africa is incomplete without some insight into West Africa’s (and perhaps Africa’s) most influential nation.

In our #NaijaChat series, we aim to bring you some travel insights from our home nation. We will do this by sharing various aspects of the local culture including art, music, fashion, ecotourism, food and more. We will also highlight the work of Nigeria-based creatives doing some amazing work in various fields.


We would LOVE to hear your thoughts especially if you live in Lagos or Abuja, our two focus cities. What does YOUR Naija look like? Tweet us your thoughts and share the love!

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Nigerian brands featured in this video include:

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