The icing on the cake? Erm, not quite.

Remember we promised to share stories of some of our failed kitchen experiments? Well, here’s one of them.

Parsnips! We don’t have them in Nigeria so I’d neither eaten them nor attempted to cook or bake with them until very recently. I read somewhere that Parsnips are low in saturated fats, have almost zero cholesterol and are a rich source of dietary fiber. Although armed with this information, I’d never gone out my way to do anything with them except give them the occasional bored glance at the local supermarket.

Eulanda showed up the other day with this exciting new app she had purchased from a company called Green Kitchen. She sounded very excited about it and it was at once easy to see why. They have handpicked an eye-catching selection of vegetarian recipes (including scrumptious looking deserts) and delivered them through an app that’s both easy to use and beautiful to look at. Almost like a glossy magazine at your fingertips!

Thus began my first parsnip journey. We had a bag of parsnips lying around (I can’t recall now why we bought them in the first place) and so, when we came across a recipe for a ‘Christmas Spiced Parsnip Cake’ in the Green Kitchen app, I at once heard the parsnips calling my name. I like a challenge…especially when it is related to yummy healthy deserts.


I was so excited about trying this out that I forsook my beloved Saturday evening ‘Match of The Day’, a weekly round up of the English Football Premier League. Eulanda will tell you that this is a big deal in our house 🙂

Due to special dietary requirements (which will be a recurring theme in our food blogs), Eulanda eats gluten free and dairy free food. For this reason, we always have to carefully review baking recipes to decide what ingredients to use or substitute. We also don’t always go out of our way to match every ingredient in a recipe. So for our own unique twist, we used almond flour instead of oat flour and a mix of tapioca and coconut flour instead of potato starch.

Within two hours (preparation plus baking time), the end result turned out reasonably well and tasted quite good. Parsnips just won a regular spot on our grocery list of root vegetables.

This is where it gets tricky…the icing (or topping)! We can’t use cheese and whipped cream because of the aforementioned dietary restrictions. Our substitute? Coconut milk. We’ve tried making cream using coconut milk on a previous occasion (watch out for our blog post on Black Sesame Seed ice-cream). That kinda worked because it ended up being frozen as part of the ice cream. This time around though, there was no hiding place. It had to form part of the stand-alone presentation. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out and ended up being watery, running like stream all over the place. Oh well…nice try. We’ll give it another go.

We’re still looking for a diary free, gluten free recipe for making cream. If you have any ideas, please let us know. If you do decide to try out this recipe, do let us know how it turns out.

HDYTI rating: 3/5 toes

You can find the recipe from the Green Kitchen here!