Sahara desert | Camel trek | Erg Chebbi | Morocco

The Moroccan sun had taken one final bow and as it slipped away, the desert temperatures plummeted almost instantly to below zero degrees. At that moment we were certain of one thing; if the Sahara Desert heat doesn’t kill you,

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Autumn Sunset Inspirational Life Lessons, Washington DC

As we look ahead to 2016, we ask: What is your favourite season of the year? Winter, spring, summer or autumn?


Travelling with your partner provides so many opportunities to learn more about one another. Our very first journey together was to the beautiful country of Costa Rica, several years before we coined ourselves Mr & Mrs HDYTI.   We spent

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Jay Emme | Corfu | HDYTI

In a quest to encourage families to travel, we’ve asked some of our fantastic fans to submit guest posts on their top tips for travelling with children. Jay Emme is a super talented photographer and confidence coach based in Birmingham,

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Rabat, Malta

Mdina…Where is everyone? Oh! Thanks Rabat 🙂 The silence was almost uncanny. As we walked through the silent streets of Mdina, it seemed as if most of its residents had been abducted by aliens or all 11,000 of them had

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Ayubowan! Watch this space for our Sri Lankan mountain, city, and coastal adventures! Coming soon!

Omo & Eulanda