Navigating the waters of MAKOKO, LAGOS: The World’s Largest Floating City

There are many contenders for the list of the world’s top wonders. One potential wonder is entirely man-made and is located in one of the world’s most undersold travel destinations, Lagos, Nigeria. HDYTI guest contributors, the adventurous duo of Ifey and Emeka

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10 Must Follow Zanzibar Influencers on Social Media

Numerous studies have established that more of us are relying on social media when planning holidays and trips. The key objective of this post is to provide an information hub for travellers intending to visit Zanzibar, Africa’s Spice Island. Having pertinent

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Stepping through history in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

In Stone Town, Zanzibar, we saw a country with a rich history where the past, present, and future are locked in a delicate and sometimes uncertain balance.  

Sahara desert | Camel trek | Erg Chebbi | Morocco

The Moroccan sun had taken one final bow and as it slipped away, the desert temperatures plummeted almost instantly to below zero degrees. At that moment we were certain of one thing; if the Sahara Desert heat doesn’t kill you,

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