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Is The Scarlet Lady by Virgin Voyages the right cruise for you?

With multiple cruise ships and cruise travel itineraries to choose from, you’re probably wondering whether the brand new cruise ship, Scarlet Lady by Virgin Voyages is a good fit for you. Here’s a sneak peek that could help you decide.

#CruiseMonth: Four Questions to Help You Sail Away | via @dipyourtoesin

#CruiseMonth is upon us, and as the winter months arrive and the familiar chill creeps in, thoughts turn to warmer climes and the holiday season. Cruise travel presents an interesting choice of escape, invoking images of sailing the Mediterranean or

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10 Things First Timers Should Know About Cruise Travel

You know the sort of relationship you have with a distant relative where you communicate with each other via the occasional Facebook poke (does anyone still do that?) or random emoji? Well, that’s how we felt about cruise travel.