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Omo & Eulanda


Travelling with your partner provides so many opportunities to learn more about one another. Our very first journey together was to the beautiful country of Costa Rica, several years before we coined ourselves Mr & Mrs HDYTI.   We spent

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Being black in Britain can sometimes be confusing. When asked about the ‘black community’, the question that usually springs to my mind is, “Well, which black community exactly?” Caribbean? West African? East African? South African? Exploring this complex community highlights

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HDYTI Giveaway for Rebecca Ferguson tics

Rebecca Ferguson’s new album Lady Sings the Blues: A Billie Holiday Tribute, is soulful, rich, and easily seduces its listeners with hypnotic vocals. Indie London hailed Ferguson as the “best thing to have emerged from the new reality TV trend for

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HDYTI Launch

Enough with the cat videos… Social media constantly screams headlines such as: “27 Exciting Things to Do with Prawns!” or “Top 7 Restaurants To Check Out Before You Die!” or “10 Gadgets That Will Change Your Life!”. While these headlines are certainly catchy,

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