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The Locals Cookbook review | HDYTI

GOOD cookbooks deliver exactly what is expected and advertised; they are well crafted, with easy to follow directions and well styled photographs. GREAT cookbooks however, go a step further. They are steeped in the heart and soul of their creator; they are the ones that

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Travel Loving Foodie Gifts Guide

If you’re like us, and have completely procrastinated with sourcing holiday gifts this season, then this post might just be of some use to you. This past year was full of so many experiences for us. We travelled to ten

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Liebster award | HDYTI

We were nominated? Yes! HDYTI was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Babs of Working Girl London. Even though we haven’t met her yet, it’s pretty cool to connect with another blogger who shares a love of travel, food,

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Spicy Beetroot Rice

We love summertime! Trees and grass are bursting with greenness and flowers are in full bloom. The warm summer breeze banishes the ubiquitous cloak of grayness and blandness, giving way to clear blue skies, risque hemlines and lots of colour. We love colours! This

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Ayubowan! Watch this space for our Sri Lankan mountain, city, and coastal adventures! Coming soon!

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