Welcome!  Visiting this page means that your dream of visiting the Caribbean just took one step closer! You could win a trip to Grenada for two! All you have to do is answer ONE question to be entered into

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How Seasonal Eating in Hamburg Made Us Think Differently About Food

Have you ever visited a destination that made you challenge long-standing habits or attitudes towards anything? Seasonal eating in Hamburg made us think differently about food through a series of simple encounters which we share in this first article in

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Navigating the waters of MAKOKO, LAGOS: The World’s Largest Floating City

There are many contenders for the list of the world’s top wonders. One potential wonder is entirely man-made and is located in one of the world’s most undersold travel destinations, Lagos, Nigeria. HDYTI guest contributors, the adventurous duo of Ifey and Emeka

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Modern art in Valencia, Ciudad las Artes y las Ciencias

HDYTI guest contributors Amalia and Eric share an insiders view of Valencia. Visitors will find that modern art in Valencia is just outside the door!

Dubai: THE BEST SITES FROM THE SKY | @dipyourtoesin

Dubai, a city built up from the sand grains of the Gulf desert is iconic for a reason. There are few places in the world where you can rub shoulders with sheikhs (true story)! In this photo essay, we explore

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National Mosque Abuja | Understanding Nigeria | Abuja, a City in Search of a Soul

In our concluding series of articles (see part 1 here) seeking to provide insights to our readers about Nigeria, we visit Abuja, the nation’s capital city, for another perspective. In this piece, titled ‘Understanding Nigeria: Abuja, a City in Search

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#CruiseMonth: Four Questions to Help You Sail Away | via @dipyourtoesin

#CruiseMonth is upon us, and as the winter months arrive and the familiar chill creeps in, thoughts turn to warmer climes and the holiday season. Cruise travel presents an interesting choice of escape, invoking images of sailing the Mediterranean or

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Five Things We look forward to Experiencing in Valencia

We are off to Valencia! In this post, we share five things we hope to experience during our upcoming trip. If you have never visited, perhaps we can convince you to join us on this trip by following our social media updates and ultimately

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Stepping through history in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

In Stone Town, Zanzibar, we saw a country with a rich history where the past, present, and future are locked in a delicate and sometimes uncertain balance.  

10 Things First Timers Should Know About Cruise Travel

You know the sort of relationship you have with a distant relative where you communicate with each other via the occasional Facebook poke (does anyone still do that?) or random emoji? Well, that’s how we felt about cruise travel.

HDYTI is an award winning husband and wife storytelling team exploring global travel & food culture!

Omo & Eulanda

Carol: The 8kg Solo Explorer, Living Life after 60 (Zanzi Resort, Zanzibar) | @dipyourtoesin

The world is experiencing a solo travel movement. Social media channels including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook are laden with many solo travel hashtags, as well as other popular tags that reflect a growing generation of solo travellers who are

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5 Foodie Reasons Why Idaho Is On Our Travel Wish List | @dipyourtoesin

Why Idaho? We recently had the opportunity to attend a travel event hosted by AVIAREPS for Idaho Tourism, on behalf of House of Coco magazine. The event was held at London’s award winning K West Hotel & Spa. Here, we were

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Doha skyline, flying over Qatar | @dipyourtoesin

Planning to fly through Doha, Qatar?  You might want to consider making more than a brief stopover. Doha is no longer just a side note in the evolving story of the Gulf. Doha intends to be THE story!   Turning

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Gladness WIT Interview at Hakuna Majiwe | @dipyourtoesin

What can be said in a name? Much is communicated in the names we are given. Often, they can be the windows to our view of the world. For some of us, they curate the opportunities we are given, and

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Dubai Skyline First Chances

‘What I think about when I’m flying‘ is a collection of inspirational thoughts evoked during long-distance flights. In this one, we talk about first chances and why we need to take them more seriously.   Second chances! We all love

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NYC in 24 hours | @dipyourtoesin

Have you been to New York City? If you plan to visit, there’s probably one thing you should know. You don’t ‘do’ New York, rather in a sense, New York ‘does’ YOU! We discovered this when we recently got a chance

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With less than a week to Valentine’s Day, as usual, love (or panic) is in the air! Heady romantic feelings are sharply brought back to earth as hearts beat faster and palms turn sweaty at the thought of leaving it till late (yet again)

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Travel Loving Foodie Gifts Guide

If you’re like us, and have completely procrastinated with sourcing holiday gifts this season, then this post might just be of some use to you. This past year was full of so many experiences for us. We travelled to ten

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Travelling with your partner provides so many opportunities to learn more about one another. Our very first journey together was to the beautiful country of Costa Rica, several years before we coined ourselves Mr & Mrs HDYTI.   We spent

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Myat Su at Kurumba | Maldives | HDYTI

If you’ve been following our series on our adventures in the Maldives, then this post should come as a welcome addition. The lure of the ocean gently caressing the white sandy beaches can completely intoxicate you. This alone almost proves

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HDYTI WIT Series, Eulanda on Negombo Beach

The story behind WIT Conscious travel is a personal practice We try our best to engage in. You see, there is never a shortage of stunning views, delectable cuisines, and lush places to lay one’s head, and it’s quite easy to get

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Jay Emme | Corfu | HDYTI

In a quest to encourage families to travel, we’ve asked some of our fantastic fans to submit guest posts on their top tips for travelling with children. Jay Emme is a super talented photographer and confidence coach based in Birmingham,

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HDYTI Launch

Enough with the cat videos… Social media constantly screams headlines such as: “27 Exciting Things to Do with Prawns!” or “Top 7 Restaurants To Check Out Before You Die!” or “10 Gadgets That Will Change Your Life!”. While these headlines are certainly catchy,

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