Don’t have the time or money to hop on a flight to Mexico? This ultimate Mexico City (Spotify) playlist will virtually transport you to the vibrant streets of the city lovingly referred to as CDMX (Ciudad de México)!

Music is an integral part of Mexico City’s identity. As a part of our #SeeMexicoCity campaign our newest #HDYTIsquad writer, Victoria Garcia, has curated a playlist where she shares the best of CDMX from classic to contemporary. 

Read more about Victoria’s top picks, and why she says that each song on this list makes her feel like “drinking tequila and hopping on the next flight to Mexico!”

From the classy cool streets of La Condesa to the historical pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico City is a perfect blend of traditional history and urban culture. This playlist captures the essence of Mexico City and showcases the diversity of its people, their lifestyle and the music they listen to.

The songs I picked are representative of what you would hear in the city at any given time. Whether you are at your cousin’s Quinceañera, your tia’s wedding, a nightclub with friends, a restaurant with family, or hanging out in your Abuelita’s kitchen, these are a collection of songs you’d probably hear in La Ciudad.

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HDYTI: Do you have any favourites or additions to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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