I don’t know about you, but I always have the hardest time letting summer go! There is something about the smell of anything grilled that just makes me smile and sigh.

Ohhh yes, I have those ‘goooooood’ food memories! 

Well don’t so many of us do? I can tell you that sometimes all it takes is one whiff and I’m transported back to roller skates, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, hurried little hands groping for glistening corn on the cobs, and the loud crackle of my grandfather as he sang in his best Otis Redding voice over the grill. I don’t even eat meat anymore, but the smell of BBQ’d chicken still makes my mouth water. It’s a totally involuntary reaction, that is deeply connected to so many amazing memories of summer soul food.  As soon as my mouth waters, I’m hit with a slew of images of late summer sun, water balloons, laughter, and spicy BBQ sauce dribbling all over my mouth and hands.

Summer BBQs in the eighties were glorious occasions!

Summer Grilling | HDYTI

Family BBQ pit! This is how my dad get’s down!


Lest we forget the taste? Indulge me here…do you remember sitting out in the late summer evenings enjoying your second or third serving? The food wasn’t even hot, but it was still sooooo good! It’s memories like these that propelled our summer project of sorts. We put our heads together, and thought, what do we still want to be eating in September, and well into October?

Our list was way too long!

So we shortened it, and came up with a selection of healthy recipes that brought back those lush food memories, fired up our little grill, and filled our bellies. We wanted food that reminded us that summer never has to end when it comes to food! Now take note this is not a huge publication, with loads of recipes. It’s just our first one, with a nice little selection of favourites that we want to share with our readers for free (yes, FREE)! We already have plans to launch a few more versions with other themes before the year ends, so watch out!

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