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Conscious travel is a personal practice We try our best to engage in. You see, there is never a shortage of stunning views, delectable cuisines, and lush places to lay one’s head, and it’s quite easy to get distracted by the self placating privileges travel often offers.

WIT is a blog series exploring the women working within the travel and tourism industry. The women we talk to are from all manners of backgrounds, religions, and cultures. They are someone’s mother, daughter, sister, etc., and cliche as it sounds, we love that those four titles can connect us in so many profound ways.

We can’t hold the badge of journalist by profession.  We are wanderlusts by choice and nature. However, we’ve always been story seekers. We love the act of listening, learning, and witnessing the possible myriad of emotions that often accompany deeply personal stories.  

HDYTI WIT series, Eulanda on the beach in Negombo, Sri Lanka


Women account for more that 55% of the workforce in the tourism industry Click To Tweet

This love has fuelled our passion to talk to more women working behind the scenes within the travel & tourism industry. Women account for more that 55% of the workforce in the tourism industry. In fact, the statistics of women joining the travel & tourism industry continues to grow daily.

How often do we truly engage with those faces behind the numbers? There are so many stories that will go untold; life struggles and triumphs that many of us will never hear about. Simple, and not so simple truths that should be shared. This is our conscious effort to connect our readers with those stories, in hopes that it will encourage us all to travel more consciously, and thoughtfully. Seek and you shall find. Ask, listen, and learn.


Upcoming WIT Profiles:

Myat Su (Maldives)

Amanda (Marrakech)

Xubba (Maldives)

Joy (Madrid)

>>>What stories do you take with you from your travels? Do you make a conscious effort to engage with others around you? What are your thoughts about women in the tourism industry?<<<
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